climbing saltbush
Einadia nutans ssp. nutans

Chenopodium nutans[1] (Syn Einadia nutans, Rhagodia nutans), known by its common name of Climbing Saltbush or Nodding Saltbush, is a climbing groundcover native to Australia.

Plants form a blanket on the surface, climbing over logs and up trees to a height of around 1 metre. Each plant grows to around one metre in diameter. The small leaves are semi-succulent, and have a distinctive arrowhead shape. They grow along long, vine-like branches spreading out form the centre of the plant. Both the leaves and the branches are of a light green colour.[2]

Flowers are inconspicuous green balls, which form on top of terminal spikes during summer. These transform into very conspicuous, tiny, bright-red berries during early autumn.

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Key Facts

Flowering Time:summer
Soil Texture:sand, loam, limestone
In Shops: No