Original Native Vegetation

Butterfly habitats

Adelaide has a climate characterised by mild winters and hot, dry summers. Our local indigenous plants are best suited to these conditions, although many introduced species provide major benefits for butterfly and other insect needs. Both caterpillar food plants and butterfly nectar plants are required.

Importance of gardens

Gardens that provide for nature help to sustain our ever dwindling diversity and natural environments. If a garden is developed only for aesthetic enhancement and domestic needs it shows little attraction for the natural wildlife. So gardens that have a sense of naturalness are those that can provide best habitat.

Importance of bushland

The remaining bushland, grasslands, wetlands etc contain the menus for our gardens, we only need to duplicate what appears in nature; it is usually self-sustaining and requires little maintenance and cost to keep. Remnant bushland contains plants and animals that have evolved together over many thousands of years. Each plant and animal has a special function or niche. Some plants have formed symbiotic relationships with other plants, fungi and even animals. An example is the interaction that occurs between some butterflies, ants, and mistletoes in which each depends on the other for survival. Inner city and suburban vegetation remnants such as creeks, cemeteries, etc should be protected and preserved if we are to keep our butterflies, birds and animals.

Some suppliers of native plants

Backyards 4 Wildlife 1903 native nursery list was made available through the state government’s Backyards 4 Wildlife project. 

Australian Plants Society SA Region Inc. lists suppliers here http://www.australianplantssa.asn.au/pages/australian-plants/native-plant-nurseries.php,  

There is some overlap between the above lists.  Gil Hollamby, BCSA Membership Officer, also noted contacts not in either of the above lists.

Gawler Environment Centre (GEC)

Kersbrook Land Care Nursery at South Para Reservoir  http://www.kersbrook.landcaregroup.org.au