An introduction to gall midges

Presented by Dr Peter Kolesik, Honorary Research Associate, South Australian Museum. Larvae of gall midges induce elaborate malformations on plants. They feed on fungi or hunt for mites and insects. […]

Planning your garden

Landscape designer Annette Burmeister will provide an insight into how gardens are designed and provide hints about what to consider when you are planning a new garden or revitalising your […]

Exploring the Universe from the Suburbs

Dr Kym Thalassoudis will give an introduction to the night sky and describe how anyone can look up and explore its many wonders using just their eyes, binoculars or a telescope. […]

AGM and It is time to protect our trees

5th Sept. 6.30pm BCSA AGM 7.00pm Public Talk It is time to protect our trees. Dr. Stefan Caddy-Retalic, Adjunct lecturer, School Biological Sciences, University of Adelaide, will provide an overview […]

European Honeybees – friend and foe

Rossi von der Borch from the Beekeepers’ Society of South Australia will speak about the social organisation of the European Honeybee (Apis mellifera), the pros and cons of suburban beekeeping, […]

Climate change and vegetation responses

Presented by Professor Robert S. Hill, Dept. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Adelaide.  Our climate is now changing at an unprecedented pace and the impacts will be severe. What […]