If you have an interest in any of these projects or for more information please contact the Secretary at info?

Monarto Zoo – we are presently working with zoo staff to create a butterfly trail.

Chequered Copper butterfly Lucia limbaria recovery – Adelaide South Parklands (Victoria Park – Pakapakanthi (Park 16)).
The re-discovery of this butterfly species in the Adelaide parklands has been an exciting discovery.
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Weeding around the host plant Oxalis perennans is on on-going task.
Project update 1 – Friends of Chequered Copper Lucia limbaria Butterfly Nov 2018
Project update 2 – Friends of Chequered Copper Lucia limbaria Butterfly Dec 2018
Project update 3 – Friends of Chequered Copper Lucia limbaria Butterfly Mar 2019
Project update 4 – Report to City of Adelaide from the Friends – 9 Sep 2019
Project update 5 – Friends of Chequered Copper Lucia limbaria Butterfly Dec 2019

Victoria Park Pakapakanthi grasslands field trip

CATERPILLARS, MOTHS AND THEIR PLANTS of southern Australia” This book is based on the work of authors Dr. Peter McQuillan and BCSA members Jan Forrest, David Keane and Roger Grund.   The official launch took place in December 2019.  Below are four book reviews:
(1) BCSA’s Gerry Butler and Gardening Australia’s Sophie Thomson
(2) Don Herbison-Evans

(3) BCSA Moth Book Review by Cathy Powers

(4) Peter Marriott Victorian Entomologist issue 49, December 2019

Port Stanvac remnant vegetation – until Mobil releases the site and the Government decides on what to do with area nothing can be done about this site. However there is a largely intact patch of coastal heathland in this area which is the home to remnant plant species and insects as well as butterflies. If you have an interest in this coastal area please contact the secretary at info@butterflyconservation

Torrens Island Conservation Park – we have an ongoing interest in this conservation park as it is the home of the Bitter-bush Blue butterfly Theclinesthes albocincta.