These cartoons by Paul Rutter are copyright to Butterfly Conservation SA Inc. however they may be used for non-commercial purposes.

‘Napolean’ tailed emperor polyura sempronius (PDF)
Salty’ saltbush blue butterfly theclinesthes serpentata (PDF)
‘Skip’ skipper butterflies hesperiidae (PDF)
‘Smiley’ small grass yellow eurema smilax (PDF)
‘Snowy’ cabbage white butterfly pieris rapae (PDF)
‘Spotty’ double spotted line blue (PDF)
‘Swaggy’ wanderer danaus plexippus (PDF)
‘The Admiral’ australian admiral vanessa itea (PDF)
‘Angus Meadow’ argus butterfly junonia villida (PDF)
‘Brownie’ common brown butterfly heteronympha merope (PDF)
‘Eliza’ dainty swallowtail papilio anactus (PDF)
‘Mona Lisa’ painted lady butterfly vaness kershawi (PDF)