Butterfly Stories


Ogyris Butterflies and their association with ants and mistletoe (PDF)

Video of ants herding Ogyris otanes caterpillars

Re-discovery of the Chequered Copper Lucia limbaria on the Adelaide plains (PDF)

See details to date about the Chequered Copper Lucia Limbara recovery

Video of Chequered Copper caterpillars and attendant ants

Emeritus Professor Dr. Michael Keller discussed how butterflies die from attacks by a wide range of natural enemies, including vertebrates, predators, parasitic insects and pathogens.  Here is his slide show that helped focus discussion.
We encourage you to email any questions about the presentation to us at info@butterflyconservationsa.net.au 

Richard Fidler’s ABC Conversations program on 17 January is a fascinating 44 minutes with Trevor Lambkin talking about collecting butterflies in the Torres Strait and so much more of general interest for people who like butterflies.
The butterfly effect — collecting in the Torres Strait