Orchids and revegetation

Plympton Community Centre 34 Long Street, Plympton, South Australia, Australia

Presented by Rosalie and Robert Lawrence.  Rosalie and Robert share an interest in native orchids and iNaturalist. In this talk, Robert and Rosalie will talk about the marginal habitat requirements of orchids and their range of survival strategies. Robert was recently re-appointed as President of the Native Orchid Society of South Australia and Rosalie has […]

National Science Week 2024 – Herding Caterpillars Festival

As the Herding Caterpillars Festival (from October 2023 to August 2024) finishes, there will be a five day event, from 6th - 11th August.   Instead of a Public Talk in August, BCSA members will be invited to a ‘Family and Friends’ viewing of activities associated with the ‘Herding Caterpillars Festival’ on 6th August from […]