South Australian Nature Festival

Butterfly Conservation SA is a community organisation promoting the conservation and sound management of areas of ecological significance to butterflies, especially areas of remnant native vegetation.  We seek to increase public awareness of the importance of invertebrate biodiversity. For the 2022 SA Nature Festival ( click here for more about the festival ) we offered something […]

Public Talk: Presenter Dr Peter McQuillan

Plympton Commuity Centre 34 Long Street, Plympton, SA, Australia

What caterpillar is that? Dr Peter McQuillan will provide an overview of how characteristics of caterpillars and similar looking larvae are being incorporated into a tool for identification, under the direction of Dr. Peter McQuillan and Jan Forrest OAM.  Following on from the success of the BCSA's book “Caterpillars, moths and their plants of southern […]

$10.00 – $55

Australian birds as plant pollinators, seed dispersers and pest controllers

Australian birds and their role as plant pollinators, seed dispersers and plant pest controllers. This talk by Birds SA’s John Gitsham will provide an interesting comparison for butterfly enthusiasts, as our native birds share the pollination role of our native plants with butterflies. John Gitsham is a recently retired Head Park Ranger for the SA […]

RALLY to stop land grab for Mirnu Wirra or Park 21W in the Southern Parklands

Butterfly Conservation SA wishes to express its extreme disappointment in the process and decision by the State Government to support the handover of a substantial area of the South Parklands known as Mirnu Wirra/Park 21 West. The biodiversity and amenity that is found in this park is something to behold and will be lost forever […]

Evolution and ecology of the small mammals of Australia

Plympton Community Centre 34 Long Street, Plympton, South Australia, Australia

Presented by Emeritus Professor Bill Breed from the University of Adelaide. The Australian mammal fauna is highly diverse, with around half of the species being marsupials and the other half rodents and bats. In this talk Professor Breed will summarise how and why this is the case.   The meeting is scheduled to start at […]

An introduction to gall midges

Plympton Community Centre 34 Long Street, Plympton, South Australia, Australia

Presented by Dr Peter Kolesik, Honorary Research Associate, South Australian Museum. Larvae of gall midges induce elaborate malformations on plants. They feed on fungi or hunt for mites and insects. This talk will provide guidance on how to spot and rear a species new to science.     In the case of an advertised speaker not […]

Human chain for Mirnu Wirra

Princess Elizabeth playground Princess Elizabeth playground, South Terrace, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Protect the biodiversity of Golden Wattle Park / Mirnu Wirra (Park 21W) in Adelaide's unique park lands. Join us on Sunday 4 June at 1230, starting with a picnic lunch at Princess Elizabeth playground. Then at 1.30 pm, join hands around the eight-hectare proposed police barracks site.  Show your support for protecting the biodiversity of […]

Behind the scenes of the South Australian Museum

Plympton Community Centre 34 Long Street, Plympton, South Australia, Australia

Unfortunately Annette Burmeister had to make changes to her schedule and was unable to provide her presentation as scheduled. Jan Forrest O.A.M. was fortunately able to step into the breach and present a talk entitled ‘Behind the scenes of the South Australian Museum’.  Jan was a staff member at the museum for 47 years and […]

Exploring the Universe from the Suburbs

Plympton Community Centre 34 Long Street, Plympton, South Australia, Australia

Dr Kym Thalassoudis will give an introduction to the night sky and describe how anyone can look up and explore its many wonders using just their eyes, binoculars or a telescope. Kym enjoys a life-long passion for Astronomy & Space, with several interests including celestial cartography, Astronomy outreach and, most recently, astro-imaging. He is the Immediate […]

Coastal butterflies on the brink and how we are conserving them

Plympton Community Centre 34 Long Street, Plympton, South Australia, Australia

Matt Endacott is a Coastal Conservation Officer with Green Adelaide and hosted by Holdfast Bay Council. Matt will discuss his role and butterfly conservation his team is undertaking along the coast - including recovery programs for the Yellowish Sedge Skipper and Bitter Bush Blue butterflies. Matt Endacott has over 15 years' of experience restoring and […]