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Butterfly Conservation SA Inc (B.C.S.A.) is a not-for-profit association and invites you to make a donation to support our work.

The aim of B.C.S.A. is the conservation of butterflies (and where appropriate moths) in South Australia.

The aim of B.C.S.A. shall be achieved by pursuit of the following objects:

  1. To promote the conservation and sound management of areas of ecological significance to butterflies, especially areas of remnant native vegetation, and to increase public awareness of the importance and significance of invertebrate biodiversity and their part in the food cycle.
  2. To foster interest by government agencies at all levels, voluntary bodies, community groups, educational establishments and the public generally in the conservation of invertebrates, especially butterflies and their habitats, and the activities which can assist in this conservation.
  3. To re-introduce butterflies into natural habitats where they previously existed.
  4. To promote and support scientific study and research into the habits, diseases, life-cycles and factors affecting butterflies and the enhancement of their habitats, and to disseminate the results of such research as widely as possible.
  5. To set up a public gift fund under the constitution and rules of B.C.S.A. for the specific purpose of pursuing the aim and objects of B.C.S.A..

In 2020, B.C.S.A. was confirmed as a registered charity with Deductible Gift Recipient status. Donations of at least $2 to the Butterfly Conservation Fund are now tax-deductible. Receipts will be provided for donations made by the Online Store or by EFT (BSB 633000 A/c 157 574 856).

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